LVM Group can provide Expert Witness Reports for building industry-related disputes encompassing a variety of dispute resolution processes including litigation, arbitration and/or mediation.

Expert Witness Reports deliver findings and opinions on the issues in dispute, and may involve private and/or public stakeholders.

Topics covered include defective and outstanding building work; compliance with contractual documents; remedial works; construction sequencing; performance of contractors, sub-contractors and consultants; consultant services; contract administration issues including variations, extension of time claims, and progress claims; design copyright; common trade usage and custom issues; and legislative compliance.

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    LVM Group understands the intricacies of the initiation, design, documentation and construction phases of building project delivery.

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    LVM Group utilises the services of independent industry professionals and lawyers specialising in the construction fields.

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    The high level of knowledge and vast experience of its Principal places the company in a unique strategic position within the industry, providing both stand-alone services and partnering opportunities.

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